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30 Lessons

30 Lessons, From 30 years, in 30 Days from his personal and professional experience intersecting ethics and happiness.

Lesson 29:

Empathy The new leadership and personal super power for the roaring ’20’s. Counterpoint: The purpose of a counterpoint is to discuss and reflect on what a dissenting opinion may be.… Read More »Lesson 29:

Lesson 28:

Rewarding the Wrong Behavior Walking back implied policy standards to those who were in the shadows.

Lesson 27:

Happiness Yoga: HOGA ™ Simple and Tiny Steps Leading to Greater Happiness and Fulfillment. Honesty: is not just of what we say externally, but the internal stories we tell ourselves.… Read More »Lesson 27:

Lesson 25:

The Rise of the Ethics Committee The PLACE Framework is a holistic approach to the next level of leadership development and considers the following: A Plan, the Lesson itself, Action,… Read More »Lesson 25:

Lesson 23:

Two things that get in the way of our happiness: expectations and entitlement

Lesson 22:

Is it really better to ask forgiveness versus permission? Salespeople joke about their compliance departments; “We are sales, they are sales prevention.” With that logic, the salesperson justifies an action… Read More »Lesson 22: