30 Lessons

30 Lessons, From 30 years, in 30 Days from his personal and professional experience intersecting ethics and happiness.

Lesson 30:

Now is a Gift. It is why we call it the Present. What happened in the Past is History; and does not define who you are Now. While pain and mistakes happen as a part of Being a Human, we choose how we control This Moment. Learn from the past with Honest reflection. When good …

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Lesson 29:

Empathy The new leadership and personal super power for the roaring ’20’s. Counterpoint: The purpose of a counterpoint is to discuss and reflect on what a dissenting opinion may be. I hope to make my point through a story. Having empathy and looking at the world through another’s perspective is valuable talent. It creates a …

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Lesson 27:

Happiness Yoga: HOGA ™ Simple and Tiny Steps Leading to Greater Happiness and Fulfillment. Honesty: is not just of what we say externally, but the internal stories we tell ourselves. Are we being honest with ourselves and asking questions to pry to the core of why we do what we do? Or do we accept …

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Lesson 25:

The Rise of the Ethics Committee The PLACE Framework is a holistic approach to the next level of leadership development and considers the following: A Plan, the Lesson itself, Action, Counterpoints and the Explanation WHY its purpose is valuable. Psychology taught us to gain a greater efficacy of a desired behavior pattern we must instill …

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Lesson 22:

Is it really better to ask forgiveness versus permission? Salespeople joke about their compliance departments; “We are sales, they are sales prevention.” With that logic, the salesperson justifies an action they know to be unapproved. Once the deed is done, and if the behavior is caught, they then bow down and ask forgiveness. Some may …

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