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CLE | MCLE in AI Governance

Digital Scales of Justice for CLE with KidsTechEthics

Turning legal principles into practical business strategies. We equip lawyers with the knowledge to confidently address client questions of ‘what to do’ and ‘how to do it.’

Our learning objectives are designed to offer concrete steps in both tactics and strategy. Enhance your capability to effectively advise clients in the rapidly evolving landscape of Artificially Intelligent, Algorithmic, and Autonomous Systems.

As the name implies, an introduction to the UK’s AADC.

A much deeper dive beyond the documents required, but the actions a business should, shall, and may take in order to demonstrate compliance.

Although it presently applies to 19 global firms, the concepts, strategies, and business actions are similar to other large-scale regulations. 

Content moderation, advertising models, data protection for children are covered in more depth.

Aiming to qualify for Ethics CLE, this course explores what is more commonly thought of as a children’s centric DPIA.

This is the quintessential design document for anyone looking to build ethical products or services as it walks the path of asking what is in the Best Interests of the User, namely the child. 

While many technologists claim their systems are audited, what they refer to is they completed technical reviews, which assess topics such as

  1. Code Quality and Architecture: 

  2. Security Analysis: 

  3. Performance Testing:

AI Governance Audits focus on the following:

  1. Policy Compliance: 

  2. Ethical Considerations: 

  3. Data Privacy and Security: 

  4. Transparency and Explainability: 

  5. Fairness and Bias Mitigation: 

  6. Accountability and Responsibility: 

  7. Risk Management: 

  8. Training and Documentation: 

  9. Continuous Monitoring and Adaptation: 

  10. Stakeholder Engagement:


Ryan Carrier
Ryan CarrierExecutive Director, ForHumanity
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Jeff's commitment to quality education is clear in the positive feedback from global students. His teaching style, marked by clarity, a measured pace, and engaging emotion, effectively captivates our diverse student body. A standout aspect of Jeff's instruction is his skill in translating legal concepts into practical, business language, enhancing students' understanding and empowering them for real-world application.
Mert Cuhadaroglu
Mert CuhadarogluHead of Business Operations - Ethos AI
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"I have done many trainings in the field of AI Audits and i can say that Digital Services Act Course of ForHumanity University is definitely one of the best offerings on the market. Jeff Kluge makes an excellent job as an Instructor together with Ryan Carrier and Saee Joshi. Jeff’s knowledge and expertise about Kid’s Tech Ethics is immense and the part of the training with Children’s Code Standards was absolutely amazing."
Steve English
Steve EnglishCISO & DPO at VUE Group
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I would recommend Jeff as a knowledgeable and effective instructor. I recently had the privilege of participating in his training courses on the UK Children's Code, and the experience was truly transformative. Despite entering the program with limited prior knowledge in this domain, Jeff's guidance enabled me not only to grasp the material but also to excel, consistently achieving high assessment scores across various classes. Jeff's teaching style is a standout feature of his courses. It is well-paced and measured, providing clear and easily understandable explanations throughout the program. His approach fosters a conducive learning environment, making complex topics accessible and facilitating a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. The courses are an amazing design framework that would help any business think about the course subject (in this case children), to the degree that gets to the core of what they want, need, and would find interesting. Jeff's expertise, coupled with his effective teaching style and the innovative design framework incorporated into the courses, makes him a standout educator. I am confident that anyone under Jeff's guidance will not only gain a solid understanding of the subject matter but also acquire practical tools for application in real-world scenarios.
Paula Pando de Hill, Esq. LL.M.
Paula Pando de Hill, Esq. LL.M.Holland & Knight, LLP
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As a fierce advocate of children’s rights, as soon as the episode on Ethics and Children’s Privacy dropped on the Privacy Pros Podcast | #1 Data Privacy Career Podcast For a Thriving Career I had to stop everything and listen. “It was an incredibly thought-provoking conversation between Jamal Ahmed CIPP/E, CIPM, CIPT, FIP and Jeffrey Kluge, FHCA filled with invaluable knowledge sharing and practical guidance that inadvertently turned into a business plan discussion on potential privacy centric age assurance solutions that could be globally harmonized with data protection laws and legal principles while also driving business success! 🎯 “

Jeff Kluge, FHCA, is a Fellow at ForHumanity and a Certified Auditor for both the Digital Services Act and GDPR Children’s Code. His expertise stems from his involvement in drafting AI audit certification schemes for numerous global data protection and privacy regulations, including the GDPR Children’s Code, the Digital Services Act, CPPA, and the EU AI Act. For those anticipating enforceability, Jeff is also well-versed in the California Age-Appropriate Design Code.

Utilizing an engineering-oriented design approach, Jeff’s team has successfully translated complex legal principles into business languages, enabling teams to implement these regulations effectively. The primary goal is to integrate ethics into practical actions and foster a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. Jeff goes beyond his role by engaging in continuous legal education, with a focus on ethics sessions designed for lawyers across various modules.

Jeff’s sessions are tailor-made to cater to the expertise of your practice groups. These sessions are not only adaptable to multiple modules but also adept at addressing diverse facets within specific group specialties. This flexibility allows Jeff to facilitate the unique needs of particular clients or project-based requirements, ensuring a comprehensive and customized learning experience for all participants.