Ethics consulting

Helping Leaders See into Blind Spots

to Do the Right Things,

and Avoid the Wrong Things

The meaning of life

is to live life with meaning

Holistic Ethics was founded to make a significant impact on the well-being of others and a sustainable impact on the organization through intentional design, personalized advice, and the guidance to make it work.  Its programs encompass the many drivers of behavior to affect the lives of all the organization’s stakeholders.  Equipped with purpose and intention, ethics and well-being programs gain longer-lasting improvements.

Holistic Ethics aims to create the strongest foundation for ethics and well-being possible. To do that, both the individual and the organizations must understand what they value, why they value it, and how that translates to the goals and targets for which they strive. Building from that up, having defined these fundamental reasons why, ethics and well-being programs become more than checking a box. They impact every element of organizational and personal behavior. It is from that point that organizational success meets personal fulfillment.  Thriving, happiness, and joy become embedded in all we do.


Reimagining ethics training to align the why with the how.

Continuing Education

Ethics training that goes beyond regulatory requirements to impact daily life and business relationships.


Workshops with impact built on assessment of each organization’s unique challenges.


Making it work.  Connecting organizational values to employee decision making.

"By adjusting the lens through which we look at ethics and behavior, we can achieve greater well-being and personal happiness."

-Jeffrey Kluge

Key Engagements

The American Bar Association and Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers have highlighted an ongoing concern for the well-being of those in the legal community. US Bank is an industry leader in this initiative. As part of their BeWell effort, I delivered MN legal ethics MCLE for lawyers and selected ethics ambassadors.

As a speaker for the Institute’s annual Ace Academy, my presentation The Ethical Dilemma addressed how to step back and think about decisions in a broader context so we enact  the values we hold in our daily lives.

EthicsGrade’s podcast series Are you a robot? addresses ethical issues arising from AI and technology.  My session discussed the impact AI systems have on our well-being, whether as a designer or an end-user.