A holistic approach to ethics and well-being

Organizations are stronger when they are authentic to their core values.

Jeff Kluge, CEO & Founder of Holistic Ethics and The Happiness Ethicist redesigned the way we focus on ethics and well-being to gain longer lasting organizational and personal improvements.

A strong driver of one’s actions centers on what they value, where they place their thoughts, and how they communicate.  We are authentic when these three align and guide our decisions.

Jeff Kluge focuses on the confluence of those drivers to design programs that address the many facets of ethical decision-making.  It is both personal and professional.  It is about one’s own happiness and making the lives of others genuinely better.  It is leadership development and empowering employees.  It is creating a fundamentally stronger and more resilient way to live and work.  That is why it is holistic.  It is about the whole person and the whole organization.