origin story

I built a well-respected and successful investment management and advisory business.

My brand was built by always working in the best interests of my clients; today, next quarter and next year. It took time but served us both well.

Along my journey I made a bad decision; I lied to a bank to get a personal line of credit to invest in the stock market. I justified my actions because it seemed everyone did it this way.

The markets crashed and I owed well more than the value of the accounts.  I dug a hole that became a canyon from which I could not escape. 

Unable to repair the wrong, or seeing a way out after years of effort, I self-reported my actions to the U.S. Attorney’s Office and FBI, plead guilty to bank fraud, and spent time in a federal prison.

A new decision was before me, 

become bitter… or better.

I took the best of top MBA programs and self-curated learning across multiple disciplines. I did research towards a PhD in behavioral ethics and taught a positive psychology class for over two years. (Ask about the results when we speak.) Not only was my journey to understand why I failed in my decision making and then learning how to live a better future, but it was helping others do the same. 

From the journey of these experiences was born Holistic Ethics.

Its founding is aimed at helping others gain awareness and discover their blind spots. I bring an obsession that places our actions in line with what we say and think we should do. This is the next generation of consulting services in AI ethics, data protection and privacy, and considers how to build ecosystems that are sustainable into the future.  

This approach looks at the whole and incorporates that ethos into what we create. Holistic Ethics represents the transformation of leadership development.