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Lesson 27:

Happiness Yoga: HOGA (tm)

Simple and Tiny Steps Leading to Greater Happiness and Fulfillment.

30 Lessons by Jeff Kluge

Honesty: is not just of what we say externally, but the internal stories we tell ourselves. Are we being honest with ourselves and asking questions to pry to the core of why we do what we do? Or do we accept that voice in our head as truth and stay on the current pathway?

Open-mindedness: Are we open that we may be wrong? Do we receive new information openly, or do we defend our existing thoughts and let the voice in our head (VIOH), aka ego, run freely? If the VIOH ever says that the other person is wrong or clueless, that is your signal ego is speaking. If you are interested in getting something right and the truth, based on facts, you must stop as ask more questions. Seek to understand what you may be missing.

Gratitude: The deep appreciation for what surrounds you; those with whom you share life’s journey, and the honest acknowledgment of how you came into have what you do. Often the Voice in Our Head jumps in to have you take credit for all you have and what you accomplished. It wants to have you take the spotlight. Perhaps it is entirely with cause; perhaps it is over-stated. You have a definite answer, and so to do others.

Awareness: Hearing that voice in your head is a great step to understand the genesis of your thoughts. What we think makes its way to how we communicate and then into our behaviors. Losing the consciousness of our thoughts, at times, allows erosion of our essence or true self to occur.

My intention is that this HOGA tessera–small fractal of information used to complete a holistic picture–is highly useful and valuable as it is. Should you seek a more personalized approach, or have this presented for your organization, be welcome to connect or reach out: