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Lesson 30:

Now is a Gift.

It is why we call it the Present.

What happened in the Past is History; and does not define who you are Now. While pain and mistakes happen as a part of Being a Human, we choose how we control This Moment. Learn from the past with Honest reflection.

When good times occur, do not be sad because they are over, smile and be glad because they happened. Appreciate them, but do not hold too long on them, for then you miss what could happen Now.

The Future is a Mystery. We know not what comes next, but we work to shape that story. Those who focus on a prize or a goal too hard, place pressure that removes our ability to effectively work towards that goal Now.

Do not borrow worry from the future. Understand problems yes, manage potential risks, but do what you are able Now to minimize any negative outcomes. You shape your future starting Now.

Today opens anew. It is all we have Now. It is an amazing Gift which is why we call it the Present.

Through the last 30 days, I have shared 30 Lessons from my 30 years of professional and personal journey. The aim was to take individual topics/ lessons and lay them out so you may see the interconnectedness of them. While in concert, they will profoundly impact your personal being. The lessons also form the mosaic of what leadership will demand in this decade.

Join me, where ever you are in your journey Now. The form takes shape in small education or training sessions, or as your sherpa, walking with you or your teams on a path to make an impact.

I Hope you have enjoyed the Present.