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30 Lessons

Lesson 29:

Empathy The new leadership and personal super power for the roaring ’20’s. Counterpoint: The purpose of a counterpoint is to discuss and reflect on what a dissenting opinion may be.… Read More »Lesson 29:

Lesson 28:

Rewarding the Wrong Behavior Walking back implied policy standards to those who were in the shadows.

Lesson 23:

Two things that get in the way of our happiness: expectations and entitlement

Lesson 22:

Is it really better to ask forgiveness versus permission? Salespeople joke about their compliance departments; “We are sales, they are sales prevention.” With that logic, the salesperson justifies an action… Read More »Lesson 22:

Lesson 20:

What is your leadership style, the carrot or the stick? The evidence-based frontier of sustainable leadership. Leadership by stick will create followers, for a while. While the lure of bigger… Read More »Lesson 20:

Lesson 19:

Adaptation is a key to human survival, the problem arises when we are not conscious of where we are.

Lesson 18

We are all expert coders and perpetually write algorithms. The question is what inputs do we use for our conclusions?