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Technical vs. AI Governance Audit

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Ethical & Responsible Tech comes from mindful considerations of your systems impact on stakeholders

Shortly after its publishing, the paper “Understanding the Distinction Between Technical and Governance Audits for AI: A Critical Analysis” captured the top ten downloaded list the following topics: 1. Law, Policy & Economics of Technical Standards eJournal Top Ten. 2. DecisionSciRN: Technology Policies (Sub-Topic) Top Ten. & 3. Ethical Decision Making (Topic) Top Ten.

The Executive Briefing can be found on Medium: Navigating AI Governance in the Modern Landscape. It will also be added here in the coming days. So too is the mid length paper, which is currently on SubStack: Moving Beyond Technical Audits: The Imperative of AI Governance

AI Governance Audits are central to those services subject to the Digital Services Act, but the list of businesses that want to design and create more ethical technology is growing. Consumers, employees, and governments are demanding it.