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Take Action

Take Action

Since the days of Aristotle, humanity has pondered and searched for the meaning of life and been in a pursuit of happiness.  I have found there are four themes that come up repeatedly, from philosophers to modern self-help books.  These cornerstones are:

  1. Meaning and purpose in life
  2. Goals and targets for which we can strive
  3. Being grateful and appreciative
  4. Strong social connections 

Below are a few activities to begin your journey. I highly recommend that you write down your answers and thoughts to these questions.

Do it yourself:

• Take some time to think about what excites you. When do you feel most fulfilled? Least? How can you restructure your days to do more of what makes you feel most alive? Start small, how could you get 15 minutes a day for that activity?
• When you were growing up, what activities did you enjoy and get lost in? How does that relate to what you are doing today?
• What values are most dear to you? What would you never compromise on? Why? When you look at the goals you have set in life, do they align with these principles? Are you spending the most time on what matters most? Why or why not? If not, how can this be changed?
• In your professional life, have there been times when you have felt you had to compromise on your values for the company? Do you feel the compromise was worth it? How did it affect your well-being?
• When someone asks what you are most grateful for, what is your first thought? Your second? How do you express this gratitude?

Do it with others – these exercises can be done within your workgroup, with friends or with family:

• What makes us excited to be part of this group? When do we feel distant or disconnected?
• Are there things we are nervous to share with the group?
• How can we help everyone know that they are a key member?
• How do our personal goals align with the group’s goals?
• What have we done together that we are most proud of? What should we be working on or doing to have more projects like that?

Connect with me on next steps:

Let’s talk about what is on your mind and where I can help you or your organization.