Lesson 2:

Life is full of distractions and demands that force us away from our priorities, and/ or skills we are inherently good at.

This lesson aims the discussion to our innate interests, skills and talents. As a recent management training tool, coaches, self-help gurus, and leadership training focused on building up your weaknesses, often ignoring your strengths. That lead to diminished skills you liked doing and were really good at, for things you disliked, or weren’t very effective doing. That caused burnout.

Taking the time to acknowledge and understand your faults or blind spots is valuable, but gain awareness of where you are lacking, and build a plan to solve the issue. Uncover where risks are is at gap, or ensure your strengths keep you away from what can bring you off of your flourishing moments.

Our talents are deeply personal and can be attributes in our professional work. Understanding what you love to do and are extremely good at, and spending more time in that space leads to greater life satisfaction and flourishing. Droning about in what we dislike and are not good at should be minimized and planned for how to get out of it.