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Lesson 14:

Enough. The B-side: Enough is Enough

30 Lessons by Jeff Kluge

Do you know people who have all that money can buy, but are miserable? Are they eager to tell you how important they are but just not very pleasant to be around?

What if all the material stuff you accumulated went away? What if the roles you played in life were stripped back? Who are you? (Stop and write it down)

Mastery of skills and attaining goals were discovered to bring about happiness and human flourishing over two thousand years ago. Western society turned the measure of satisfaction with life from the journey to the reward and created an unattainable chase for enough. Because with that as the mindset; enough is never enough.

When we place the measure of success, or our status, on the prize and not the intention of our being and action, we diminish the deep meaning and value in life. Because in the absence of all the stuff and titles, we just are who we are, and people will be there for you and not for the stuff you have.