Changing the way we think of ethics training and happiness.

I refocus ethics training to address the whole person and organization, not just the behaviors we do or do not want.  By understanding what we value and how that translates to our actions, we begin to live more authentically.  This authenticity is felt throughout the organization. People like work more; they are happier.  It is a philosophy that our well-being is derived from behavior that is true and genuine to the principles we hold.

Equipped with keen awareness and renewed meaning and intention, ethics training and well-being programs can significantly impact the organization and its reputation with stakeholders.  When people clearly understand how and why they should act, the results in carrying out the firm’s values & mission become extraordinary. It is also critical for there to be a structure to answer questions and be accountable to stakeholders. 


Building the Foundation for Ethics Training and Well-being

Continuing Education & Training

Guest speaker, keynote, or lecturer. My ethics education and training focus on the fundamental reasons for our actions instead of on the behaviors that are symptoms of deeper problems.

I am an approved sponsor for legal ethics continuing education training in Minnesota, Texas and Illinois and have plans to expand to other states.  I also offer organization specific ethics continuing education to financial groups.


Ethics training and Well-Being programs have traditionally been considered separate & distinct curriculums within corporations.  These programs become a checking the box exercise when people don’t understand how it relates to them.

I shift how those programs are taught to drive better organizational and personal outcomes.  To do this, I assess the organization. We work through the fundamental questions of what are you good at, what do you like doing and what do you want or need to improve? Then we go searching for blind spots and any shadows that may have found their way into an organization. The outcomes are custom workshops to meet as many people where they are in the way they prefer to learn.

Implementation and Making it Work.

Investments in human capital are best when you can see and feel results from those initiatives.  Expensive consultants lose their value when plans and strategy get left on the desk because the team is not enabled to take action.

My leadership development and coaching covers both the team and individuals to deliver efficacy of the time and money invested.  You are hiring a sherpa. I have been to the summit, come down, and now walk with you to ensure your journey ends at your peak. Each layer within an needs to see how to put the values into action to achieve the ultimate purpose and mission.

The New Ethics Committee

I coach those who are striving to maintain the balance of success and emotional stress in their personal and professional lives.

Presentations to companies, trade groups and schools  are customized to address their concerns and provide a foundation for their members to thrive and become happier individuals in both their personal and professional lives.