Jeff Kluge is an ethics speaker and teacher of positive psychology and happiness. Through his personal experience, research, and lengthy studies, he discovered most of the existing ethics educational & training material have it wrong. They focus on behaviors that are symptoms of deeper problems rather than the root cause of the problems. 

Jeff Kluge was a Wealth Management Advisor for 25 years with Merrill Lynch, achieving the title of Senior Vice President.  During his tenure, he designed and built an innovative Corporate Services Team through collaboration with senior leadership of Merrill Lynch and Bank of America and multiple business units throughout the institutions to provide his clients with personalized strategic and tactical planning and execution.

Jeff earned accreditations through Wharton School of Business and Chicago Booth School for investment management and high net worth client engagement.  He spoke nationally about business operations and client services.

Having left the financial industry after crossing a line he would not have imagined, Jeff Kluge found himself seeing how easily good people can make a mistake and how that impacts those around them.  He studied philosophers and authors, classical and contemporary, and noticed recurring themes about ethics and happiness.  He founded Holistic Ethics to take these lessons and use the skills he built earlier in his career to make an impact.